Tourette Support Ireland (formerly the Tourette Syndrome Association of Ireland) was formed more than 20 years ago by parents of children who have Tourette syndrome. Tourette Support Ireland is a national voluntary non-profit organisation. Our membership includes individuals, families, relatives, and medical and allied professionals working in the field.

Several annual meetings were attended by those interested in TS over the years. Prof. Mary Robertson addressed many of our annual meetings over the years with excellent presentations. Many other professionals, including Prof. Timothy Lynch, Prof. James Lucey, Dr. David Carey, Dr.Tom Moran, Dr. Trish Byrne, and Dr. Tara Murphy have addressed our most recently held meetings. We would like to acknowledge their time and support over the years.

Establishing a website was an important step in moving with the times to provide information and support to families, friends, teachers, and other people in the community interested in finding out more about TS. In the summer of 2006 following the Late Late Show, www.tsai. ie was created to direct those looking for support in Ireland to get in touch with the Association Information on the internet can sometimes seem overwhelming, so being able to “speak” to a person who has time to listen and share their experiences is often more supportive. The helpline has become an important means of finding support. It has received many calls over the years from people seeking support and information.At a well attended National Conference in November 2009, regional network groups were established. Many other developments included the completion of our new website which we hope you find informative.

Following a meeting in 2010 it was decided to change the name to better reflect its mission, one of support hence TSI was born. Grateful thanks are due to those who worked with us to provide up to date information relevant to Ireland.

We hope you get the information on Tourette syndrome you require. We plan to continue to work with teachers, GP’s and other medical professionals, employers and all those who come in contact with people with Tourette Syndrome to heighten awareness among the general community to allow them to empathise rather than sympathise.

A special word of thanks to Tourette Scotland and Tourettes Action (U.K.) for their co-operation and support over the past couple of years. We are all working together to support people with TS and plan to form a partnership to enable our work to be more productive.

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