This website has been possible due to the hard work and commitment of members of TSI.

Following our Annual Conference in November 2009 a website subcommittee was formed to discuss the format of this website. The urgency to provide a website relevant to services in Ireland was identified. It is the plan of TSI to regularly improve this information in the future.

We would particularly like to thank the following:

• Kieran McDonnell – KMD Design

• Neil O’Callaghan

Michael Harley

• Dr. Trish Byrne

• Dr. Tom Moran

• Prof. James V. Lucey

• Dr. David Carey

• Dr. Tara Murphy

• Tourette Scotland

• Tourettes-Action

Our grateful thanks also to Prof. Mary Robertson for her help and advice over the past number of years, in particular to the time she took to travel to Dublin to address our many Annual Conferences. We would also like to express our thanks to Prof. Tim Lynch for his help and support to TSI.

We must not forget that our original Association was founded by many parents who gave their time over the years to work towards supporting people with TS.

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