Teachers are extremely important in the management of a student with TS. A positive teacher/student relationship, with an understanding of the student and of TS, may lead to greatly improved educational and social functioning.The need exists for a comprehensive psycho-education programme for educators, school administrators and employers across Ireland so that they have awareness and knowledge of the condition and can give the appropriate help to those in their care who are affected by this disorder.

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How To Cope With Tourette Syndrome In The Classroom

Key Facts For Teachers

Education Issues and Tourette Syndrome

You may be interested in this document "Overview Of Special Education in Ireland" presented by David J. Carey Psy.D.



"“Information is the essential lynchpin in treatment. It doesn’t matter what other strategies you use, the first thing you should do is … educate about the disorder. Education brings about more change than any other psychosocial intervention.”

R Barkley -1998